Partners & Affiliates

Below are my close partners and affiliates. This is my way of thanking and recognizing them for their help and generosity.

Robert Strick, also known as ClearConscious, has an amazingly unique site that blends the paranormal with gaming. He is also very active and with only a couple of hours of discussion we were able to create a partnership. In some cases people take days to get back to me, but with Robert I got a response in less than a couple hours. Glad to be a part of the Paranoid Gaming Team and loving being on such a creative and beautifully designed site! :)

A special thanks to Josh “Agentxk” Knowles for being one of the hardest working website owners I've ever seen. He's amazingly fast with his emails and is very detail oriented about checking articles and reviewing everything on his site and it shows. The site is beautiful and updated regularly with great writers and a very unique Game Review system. I'm really happy to be part of Gaming Irresponsibly. It's a funny name for a site that is so responsibly run :)

 Ben Suri also known as Curdle Sanders, heads a great team here and has one of the best ways of showing off featured pictures. Each and every article looks great as the feature picture pops out at the top of the site and gets the readers attention, pulling them into each post. As you can tell, I really enjoy the design of the site, and Ben and his team put on a very dedicated podcast known as "Nerd Rage" that is 80+ episodes long and still going strong. Really enjoy CrossPlatformGamers and am happy to be part of the team! :)

Definitely one of the most professionally designed and well managed sites I've worked with. Each and every article has the PlaystationMoments touch and each featured picture is put in the unique PM frame. Very hard working and always reaching out to their writers, keeping in touch, and staying on a great schedule. The twitter page is phenomenal as well. Great work again to Anthony and all the staff at Playstation Moments. Keep up the great work :)

 Thanks to Kyle over at Games-Tec for his lighting quick responses for my request to join his site. The site looks wonderfully professional, is constantly being updated, and not only has News and Reviews but tries to provide unique features to all of its readers. Everyone can provide news and every gaming out out there gives reveiws, but they are one of the few to give nice unique content to their viewers on a constant basis, on a very well designed site, with a hardworking crew. I'm happy to say I'm a part of the team and it's nice to be working with such an efficient squad. :)

Probably one of the most dedicated and passionate owners is taking care of ChompOnThisGaming. Definitely have a love for gaming as a whole, a great site that's easy to use with the posts right there for everyone to see, and a welcoming environment for new writers to come in and be a part of the team. I have to say I haven't found a more fair minded or dedicated gamer than I have in Zach, and I think his passion and his hard work will get Chomp on this Gaming to a new level. Definitely a site to watch in the coming future with a great team, and a great lineup of articles that were up on launch week! It's shocking how much quality content they got out, literally as the site was launched. Great Team, Great site, definitely a must read for any serious gamer.