Must Play Games!

The Big List of Great Games you Should Play

(To get on this list isn't easy and shouldn't be. Either the game is amazingly fun or the gaming experience your game provides is so intoxicating that no one should live without a sip of it. )

These are simply put my best of the best games. I rarely see lists like this where Gamers share the best games they've played; games that they'd highly suggest to others.

Best Video Games

To cut to the chase, here is the list, currently in no particular order:
  1. Red Dead Redemption
  2. To the Moon
  3. Heavy Rain
  4. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
  5. Fallout 3
  6. Fallout New Vegas
  7. Kingdom Hearts
  8. Final Fantasy 8
  9. Plants v.s Zombies
  10. Majesty
  11. Limbo
  12. The Sims 1&2 (Including Expansions)
  13. Dragon Age 2
  14. The Legend of Zelda: Windwaker
  15. GTA (Vice City & San Andreas)
  16. Mass effect 1, 2, and 3 (Sadly the ending currently sucks. Hopefully Bioware will make a good DLC ending to this amazing series.)
  17. Indigo Prophecy
  18. Starcraft 2
  19. Deus Ex: Human Revolution
  20. Pokemon Games (Way too many to list... Just pick one of them and play!)
  21. Super Smash Brothers (Also Melee and Especially Brawl)
  22. Street Fighter 2
  23. Mortal Kombat

Honorable Mentions

These are games that are not necessarily must plays but definitely should be tried because of their uniqueness and overall amazing package:
  1. Terraria
  2. Minecraft
  3. Dear Esther
  4. Age of Empires 3
  5. Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of two worlds
  6. Batman Arkham City
  7. Medieval 2 Total War
  8. Superbrothers Sword and Sworcery
  9. Portal 2
  10. Mount and Blade: Warband
  11. The Game of Life (Also Boardgame) [Great Multiplayer fun - not as fun with just computers]
  12. Ticket to Ride(Boardgame)
  13. Dragon Age
  14. Dynasty Warriors games (I liked #4 a lot)
  15. Dead Rising 2
  16. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater (1,2,3,4) [After 4 they started sucking, getting overly realistic and less fun]
  17. The Oregon Trail
  18. Risk (Board game)
  19. Diner Dash
  20. Super Mario 64
  21. Super Mario Party (Amazing for Multiplayer with friends)
  22. Final Fight Series

Great Flash Games!

Can't forget about these little interesting games [Again in no particular order for now]:
  1. Lemonade Stand (Classic Childhood Flash Game)
  2. Rebuild 2
  3. Colony
  4. Flight
  5. Kingdom Rush
  6. Pirateers
  7. Infectonator 2
  8. Achievement unlocked 3
  9. Toss the Turtle
  10. Corporation Inc
  11. I don't even game
  12. Electric Man 2
  13. Bloons Tower Defense 4
  14. Age of War
  15. Radical Fishing
  16. Tanks
  17. Happy Wheels
  18. Earn to die
  19. Dinosaur Zookeeper
  20. Eggstinction
  21. Moby Dick 2
  22. Skull Kid (Amazing classic game. Funny playing it as an adult, because it felt much cooler when i played it when i was younger. The chainsaw loop sound is classic and something a kid doesn't notice but an adult definitely laughs at :D)


  1. For flash games, have you tried any of the last stand games? Quite fun, although, the newest one is the best.

    1. I've tried them but I didn't really like them.

      The 2d platforming aspect to them and linear gameplay turn me off.

      But everyone has different tastes, so it's definitely my tastes that make it bad, not really the game itself. The game itself has excellent production value.

      Just not my cup of tea i suppose.