Gaming Column Circulation

            With the advent of my new gaming column I thought the best way to share my writing would be to have it circulated on other sites.

If you own a gaming site feel free to add my column to your list of articles. There really are only three guidelines to adding my column:
  • 1. Link-back: Be sure to post a "source" link at the bottom of the article so people can know where the article is from.
  • 2. Attribution: It would help if somewhere in the article my online alias/monkier of "ImmortalPhoenix" was mentioned, as the author of the work
  • 3. Contact me: Either through twitter or youtube, let me know you've added my column to your site so I can officially give you a license to publish my work.

Besides that I would love and enjoy having my writing shared with as many people as possible, and that's why I've made my column completely open for anyone to share. : )