Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Square Enix blames lack of new consoles for failures. Is this an insanely bad Joke? ~ Awakening the Sleeping Giant

Really Square Enix? Is this a joke?

Speaking about Consoles, Square Enix had the audacity to say:

"This generation has been way too long, and I say this because you have a lot of developers that work on a new platform, and perhaps will not succeed, so they will wait for the next generation, and will jump on that platform," Merceron said. "You could not do that with this generation though. So these developers went elsewhere to see if the grass was greener. They found Web browsers, they found iOS, they found other things and a lot of them won't come back to the hardware platforms."

Your excuse for your horrible new games and your rape of the Final Fantasy series is that you just need a new console to sell your new games?

Is this because Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo are doing all the marketing?

Does their millions of dollars hyping up the consumers have anything to do with possibly bigger sales numbers on another rehashed and horrible Final Fantasy?

Is this just an excuse for your pathetic and weak sauce performance over the last few years?


The Sleeping Giant

I've been amazingly busy these past couple months but an article with so much gumption, balls, and simply b.s had to prompt a response. This statement forced the digital pen into my hand and inspired these words.

The comments on Gamespot went BALLISTIC with people calling out Square Enix for their amazingly sad excuse of failures. People lamented being told to throw away their PS3/360's and spend another $500 on some new system.

Some comments included:

"I don't really agree here. I mean I am just fine with my PS3 right now. I know a lot of other people are happy with their current consoles too. " ~ tightwad34

"i love my ps3. Games on it look great, and most importantly play great. I don't like the keyboard controls. I love being able to sit on my lazy-boy chair, sit back, turn on my 55' TV and PS3 and let my mind get lost in some awesome adventures.

I am still happy with this generation of consoles. When the new comes out I will be happy to get it" ~ kelt321

"I don't know about you guys, but I am still waiting for Square to release something good. I keep my hopes up, but the last few Final Fantasy games have been mediocre. The last good one was 9. They just want a new system, so they can release another mediocre game, and complain to us that we don't support them enough, and that is why we will not get a remake of 7."  ~ exedeath

 "This coming from Square Enix, who have so far released only ONE franchise title on the current gen console (XIII). Before you start looking for "greener grass,' take a look at what's underneath your feet." ~ Ultimasamune

"I do not like Square-Enix anymore and I had hopes for them that they will treat gaming right. They are bunch of cynical bastards that are destroying gaming by re-rereleasing the same video games from the past. All my favorite Japanese video game companies are dying such as Squaresoft, Capcom, and Nintendo. I guess Namco is the only Japanese company I like because of Tekken." ~ Jame5Kim

"I disagree with his assessment.  Studios who were unable to keep up with AAA game development this generation would not have been better served by having a new generation of consoles already.  Console game budgets and development cycles will only continue to increase as expectations rise.  The growth of the mobile and web platforms is more similar to the growth of indie game development and would have occurred regardless of the decisions Sony and Microsoft have made as those platforms have matured in the past few years." ~ Wedge55

"What a lousy excuse for their poor development cycles. We have received 4 awesome Assassins Creed titles since 2007, and we have received 1.5 very MEH final fantasy games. Sure blame the other companies who can continually release awesome games on the current hardware." ~EbenOlemaun

 "What a load. These a holes take forever to make games and theyre talking about long life cycles, bit%6 please! How about you make a game that isnt almost exactly like all your other games. I used to love Square in the days of the SNES, their glory days are long gone IMO. And please stop with the male leads that look like females, i cant take it anymore." ~ Atolm1

"Bull**** ! This is exactly why I dont like square enix. All they want to do is mint money. Besides the conventional wisdom here is that new consoles come when the older ones reach their full potential, both economically and in terms of tech utilization." ~ eyerok

 "so its sony's, microsoft's, ati's, nividia's fault that you changed you're internal dev structure by hiring cheaper staff to make browser/mobile games... how is this guy director of anything. maybe if they hired/promoted better directors in their corp. they'll make better decisions and stop making stupid half thought statements like this one. "  ~ luhdafh

"That doesn't make sense. 'We aren't going to develop for this generation because it is too old, so we are going to develop for mobile, which is like developing for consoles from 2-3 generations ago". WHAT?" ~ registradus

"easy to say when you didn't have to subsides a console for a couple of years or more before you break-even, easy to say when you are not the consumers that buys consoles, if you feel development restrictions on consoles why don't they go crazy pushing the envelop on PC; gamers that are willing to dish $600-700 for new consoles every couple of years are willing to upgrade a PC fto latest technology, given that developers show us that having the latest tech. actually enhances our gameplay experience significantly (as if showing of engine with better graphics is enough)... oh wait developers are not taking that risk, instead they go after high profit / low cost from mostly forgettable single mechanic browser games and then you have the sack to blame hardware manufacturers. How much money does square throw at marketing new xbox or PS, not much if any. What ground does square have to say all this, when was the last time they blew our minds with a new experience FF13 pleeeeeaaaze, linear doesn't hold its on against some games from original PS in my opinion. " ~  luhdafh

"Maybe stop making crappy games and we'll be more inclined to buy them. How dare they blame the systems..." ~ cmacinnis

uhh, really? this coming from Square-Enix? uhhh really? dude, i get it, you want all the latest tech an whatnot, but your company used to OWN the market on high quality games, legions of fans were born on the amazing output you had during PSone and PS2 days. and yet, most of your best games were produced at the end of each of those systems life cycles. This gen you have been so quite, SE, and your most accomplished outings were often via studios you aquired and were not in house games (like Deus Ex). Sorry, i feel it's a bit out of place for SE to be making excuses about this generation when the actual games (gameplay, not just pretty presentation) they have put out this gen have been rather lackluster. Sounds like a set up to me, like: "hey, investor, don't get mad at us when our financials start to tank, it's because the console makers didn't get around to making new systems fast enough..."

tech is great, and there is no stopping it, but it is only one element of what makes gaming great.
" ~ kattamuuran


This is just a small sample of the comments left on that Gamespot article. The fact remains, Square Enix got this so wrong it's not even funny. No one's laughing. People are seriously offended at the laziness and incompetence of one of our favorite game developers.

Why not ATTEMPT to satisfy your fans a little before you go whining Square? Btw hows about making Kingdom Hearts 3 while you're at it? We've only been waiting for 6 FREAKING YEARS! Geez.. and Microsoft/Sony are the lazy ones eh?