Sunday, May 29, 2011


1) What is Super Earth and how do I join it? (A.K.A How do i join the public server you're on?)

It's a server I regularly join that happens to be North America's Largest!!
If you want to join, go to this thread, answer the questions below, and reply to the thread.

Minecraft In Game Name (case sensitive):
Where are you from?:
Your age?:
Have you read and agreed to the rules in the post below?
Did you vote for us?
Extra notes?:

2) What is your twitter and youtube page?

3) Why is the server you're on have an outdated version? AKA Why haven't you updated yet?

Most multiplayer servers use a software known as Bukkit from the site When Notch creates a new patch, bukkit has to incorporate that patch into it's own software. The servers I play on have to wait til Bukkit updates.

If I update to the latest patch then I can't go on the online Multiplayer servers which are on the older versions.

So I'm on an older patch to be able to play Multiplayer servers.